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Greetings and thanks for reaching out to us. As a team of experienced independent advisors, we are confident that we can help you sort through and navigate the Medicare maze as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

The Medicare Supplement Insurance Exchange was created in response to; the ongoing confusion that many people, who are qualified for Medicare, were reporting, as well as a desire that many of our customers expressed – wishing to speak with a knowledgeable seasoned agent that is devoted to truly looking out for the client’s best interest. Even though Medicare was enacted into law in 1966 and has been the most successful single payer system ever created in the United States, It is still somewhat of a difficult puzzle for many individuals. The reason for this is multi-fold and could fill volumes with policy provisions and legalese.

As a team of highly trained, seasoned independent agents and brokers, we want our clients to be happy with their Medicare choices from the very beginning and we’re willing to take as much time as is necessary to assist those asking for help and guidance. Because we are 100% independent Medicare insurance brokers, we are not controlled by any insurance company and can represent your best interest without bias.

In fact, we are often contacted by well-educated attorneys, accountants, engineers and physicians who either don’t have the time to learn; what often feels like a new language of letters, deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, parts and plans as well as all the time-frames and other consequences of starting or not starting Medicare.

Since we are local to your geographic region, we’re ready to assist you with your Medicare options and decisions. By speaking with an advisor who is licensed in your state and who is both appointed and certified to discuss and offer various Medicare planning options, we’re ready to assist you so you can start taking all the appropriate steps that are in compliance with both federal guidelines and state laws.

Learning about Medicare and making the right decision about your healthcare can be stressful, confusing and frustrating.  We hope the free information on this website coupled with the guidance of an experienced agent, will help you end that frustration and uncertainty. We all live in a highly specialized world and as dedicated independent agents, we’re fully invested in understanding all the nuances, time periods, open enrollment limits and the many other parameters of Medicare and Medigap planning. The Videos and other information on this website are to help you understand and distill many confusing points while helping you understand the language of Medicare better. This should save you time and frustration searching all over the internet for incomplete bits of information as well as mixed reviews and confusing suggestions from family and friends. However, it’s been our experience that having a simple real-time conversation on the phone can quickly and efficiently help you get on the correct fast-track toward enacting your Medicare coverage right away.

Whether you go about it on your own or if you seek out expert guidance, the cost to you for the Medicare plan you choose is the same. All Medicare private insurance products (Medicare Supplement insurance, Medigap Plans or Medicare Advantage Plans) have built-in the fee for that professional advice and assistance. We, the insurance agents and brokers, are then paid by the insurance company, not the consumer. Understanding this is invaluable because unless the person advising you can offer Medicare Supplement plans from all major insurers, their advice will be biased by the limited solutions they can offer. We offer all Medicare Supplement plans from all major insurers so that our advice to you is unbiased and free of any additional consultation fees.

Rather than approach learning about Medicare and finding the best plan as a Do-It-Yourself project, let us help you. As independent Medicare insurance agents and brokers, we represent your best interest. In addition to Medicare planning, we also have expertise in providing information on various ancillary forms of individual protection that may be of interest to you such as: dental plans, vision coverage, short term health insurance, long term care protection, life insurance and other forms of insurance and financial protection.

Whether it’s acquiring a Medicare Supplement, a stand-alone prescription plan or a dental plan, we are here to provide qualified expert advice and support. We are not a call center and we are not employed by any insurance company. We are all Independent licensed agents and brokers. We do prefer to answer the phone and deal with you directly from the get go. The sooner we can pinpoint what you are looking for (even if you’re not totally sure), we can assist you in figuring out the next steps you need to take and what we can do to aid and assist you in reaching your goals and acquiring the best possible Medicare planning based on your lifestyle and budget.

We look forward to helping you get started with your Medicare planning.
…………..You’ll be happy you did !

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Neil Primack helped me navigate the Medicare maze. He is very knowledgeable and we quickly found insurance that was just what I was looking for. I would recommend Neil to friends needing help.
Jodie S. Buerk
Neil Primack certainly deserves a five star rating. He clarified the Medicare supplement choices and lessened the many concerns that I had in choosing a new policy. Neil was considerate, kind, and immediately available.
Ruth Newman
Neil was extremely helpful with the application process and suggesting appropriate plans. I would recommend him to anyone looking for Medicare supplemental insurance.
Kathy Robinson