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If something happened to you, would the financial future of your loved ones be protected? Help ease your mind with coverage that you and your family can rely on.

With a Florida life insurance policy, you can help your family:

  • Keep paying the home mortgage.
  • Maintain their current standard of living.
  • Pay off debts, estate taxes, and final expenses.
  • Create a fund for college education.
  • Create a fund for a family member with special needs.
  • Protect their dreams for the future.

Life insurance is usually thought of as something for the spouse who is the primary breadwinner. If that person passes, then the life insurance benefit would help provide for the family. The mortgage may still get paid and the kids may still go to college.

Life coverage is no less important for the spouse who stays at home, works part time, or is a secondary breadwinner. A life insurance benefit may help pay for childcare, housekeeping, meals, and other services your family can't do without.

Life insurance is also important for the kids. Getting them covered at a young age may help ensure they have the coverage in the future. They can convert the coverage as adults, even if they later develop health problems that would otherwise make them uninsurable.

By having good life insurance; whatever the future brings, your loved ones' financial security can be protected.

Term Life Insurance

A relatively large amount of Term life insurance may be purchased for a low initial premium. It may be appropriate for temporary coverage for needs like:

  • Home mortgage
  • Outstanding debt 
  • Educational expenses 
  • Auto loan

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance offers a level premium for a coverage amount you choose. It provides lifetime coverage, provided premiums are paid and the coverage remains in force, and builds cash value. Permanent policies are eligible for dividends, although dividends are not guaranteed. It's best for lifelong needs like:

  • Loved one's financial needs
  • Final expenses
  • Estate planning
  • Contributions to charity
  • Business legacy
  • Access to accumulated cash value

Protection and Cash Back — That's a Return of Premium Term Life Insurance Policy

You want to help protect your loved ones from financial hardship if you can't be there for them. That's what life insurance is all about. But instead of life-long life insurance coverage, you may only need to protect your family from long-term expenses such as the mortgage, your children's education, or a home equity loan.

In that case, Return of Premium Term Life insurance might be just what you need. It offers a level premium payment term of 20 or 30 years, whichever you choose. And if you outlive that level premium payment period, you'll get all the policy premiums you've paid back at the end of the term.  A guarantee like that makes it easier to give your loved ones the financial protection they need.

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